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Welcome to my new website.


This feels a little like being at the back of a very crowded room, jumping up and down, waiving my arms about and shouting: “I’m over here - look at me.”  The crowded room is, of course, the entire world and by the same token the person waiving his arms about is any tiny corner of that world, any dot on the atlas. But the geography analogy is inappropriate and its reference points outmoded. We no longer have to travel distances, carrying a message.  Distance between us has been removed by instantaneous, acoustic  communications.


There are probably already many ways that one can find out about Kevin Sinnott on the internet, but this site is a personal route, not the addendum or referenced detail of someone else's publication. The information on this site is what I choose to put out there; the paintings are what I want you to see. I am responsible for the hits and the misses, the views, the foibles, and the facts. As an artist that is probably a bad idea, after all, Clement Greenberg, the great American critic, always used to warn against listening to anything an artist has to say. But the opportunity to wave my arms about in that crowded room had to be grabbed. Finally, a gentle caution: Do not expect to use a visit to this site as a means of making a critical assessment of the paintings there in. For that you must go by the old fashion method, the geographical way of travel and arrival until you find a painting and stand in front of it.


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